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When Amazon Subscribe & Save doesn’t quite cut it, we’ve been using this site. Keep in mind, it uses a very basic algorithm, so if the seller puts their info in weird, it’s not going to be accurate. Always doublecheck the math…and price check with honey on top.


I like how it included a $450 set of binoculars in the search for Zeiss wipes (because it came with some) - the unit price is ridiculous :slight_smile:

Anyone else hate that Amazon Subscribe & Save doesn’t allow you to set different delivery dates for different stuff? Mine all get delivered the same day of the month no matter how much more frequently I’d like to get them or if they’d be better coming at a different time. <end rant/ :slight_smile:

Mine is the last day of the month. Sometimes it feels you have to think what you might need a month in advance but if they don’t bundle it, they don’t save and thus you don’t save either so you have to pick a single date per month. It gets better as you figure out what needsordered every month and what only needs to come every 6mo and schedule it that way so you’re not having to hit cancel a hundered times every month. I end up doing that anyway because I’m a miser.

It makes sense on Amazon’s end to bundle everything together into a single shipment each month, to save money on shipping. Hence the 5-15% discount they can give you on it.

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Makes sense except they come in different packages via UPS and USPS every month :slightly_smiling_face:

Odd. All my stuff always comes in one big box delivered by Amazon’s own delivery people. But all the stuff I get is common enough it must be at every Amazon warehouse.

I get a case of Puffs & deodorant every 6 months, dog food, Baltic Birch & cashews every month and some other sundry stuff like coasters, foam sheets, etc. I expect they come from all over because they show up in different boxes and padded envelopes and that packaging changes month to month as well - sometimes in a box, sometimes an envelope. Since most of it is pretty sizable I also think it’s easier/cheaper to send several packages vs a ginormous heavy box.

Wow, you go through a lot of deodorant! :grin:

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3oz gel - TSA approved so I don’t need different ones for home vs travel. Way more Puffs (12/case - with Vicks) because we’re cursed with winter and when it’s not cold & flu season it’s pollen and allergy season.

That probably puts you on some federal terrorism watchlist (like me and the peeps and mustard seeds did)


Better watch out - I’ve got a killer Corgi armed with lasered wooden boxes all hyped up on cashews :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, gotcha. I read it as a case of deodorant every six months!

I get the small set - 6 to a case (I think Amazon was taking liberties with the definition of a case - when I worked in the supermarket a case was 24).

Yeah, they have a pretty extensive backend (haha) to determine the cheapest way to get it there. I think it used to just look into getting it all in the same box, but now with more Fulfillment Centers open all over the place and their own drivers, it’s really about getting it there any way they can on the cheap. They have about 15 days to get it there so there’s plenty of time to move inventory around a bit. The system is pretty great at it.

The only times I’ve ever had problems with delivery, it’s been an inventory issue. (bulk truck dropped off a pallet o stuff at one warehouse because 90% of it belonged there, but your one specialty item actually needed to go to Arizona, now it’s stuck on a dock waiting transfer. oops!) I worked at DFW7 for a while so I kinda understand what they’re going through and give them more slack than most. I still call in if something’s late though.

I hadn’t thought of that. How many folks get GF stuff in their subscribe & save and what do you folks get?

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I was watching a dog, not very well as it turns out, and he snuck a bunch of cashews. I never saw him do it. The next day I get a photo from his owner. The dog was fine, but his digestive track seemed to pass them completely undigested.


Like civet coffee!


Ohhhh! Thanks for that reminder! :smile:

Dog and civet shellac?

Doggy Luwak