My new Glowforge won't cut on the right side


I have reviewed the suggestions for others who have had issues with right side cuts. I have cleaned the laser heads, the crumb tray, the dimples, etc. I have taken photos of everything. I did the gift of good measure test this evening after cleaning everything.

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I don’t think your photos/movie loaded before you left the sits.

Sadly it may be that the mirror got knocked out of alignment during shipping :frowning: A staff member will be along ASAP to get you sorted. Their CS is top notch, if not the fastest :slight_smile:

Hi @yvettechristopher. Thank you for posting the photos to help troubleshoot the recent cut trouble on your new Glowforge. I see that we have an opened email thread for this, and to avoid any potential confusion or miscommunication, I will close out this Community thread. We have your photos in review currently and will follow up through your email thread for any next steps to get this resolved. Thank you for your time and patience as we continue to work with you on this.