My new glowforge

I received my machine 5 days ago, and so far it hasn’t worked, I got the first print and everything works normally but the laser doesn’t work at all. Does anyone know what’s going on? I’ve already been sending photos and videos to the company and they haven’t told me anything, I checked the machine and everything looks in order,

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Hello and welcome to the community. This part is puzzling to me…how can you make the first print if the laser is not working at all?


I hit print and there is no light flashing and the machine is not cutting, it
is moving like its doing the design but no laser,

Please take a screen shot that shows the interface right before you press print. Make sure it shows the side operations showing cut/engrave/score and the settings.


You should check and see if the power hasn’t defaulted to 1 (almost nothing). It would look like nothing happened after the laser has gone through the motions.


Did the first print cut successfully?
If yes, then the issue is likely with your art and not the machine.
Run the Gift of Good Measure with all the defaults (it should say cut/score/engrave on the column on the left). If that works, then your machine is working.

No, the first print is moving like its doing the design but no laser, I don’t cut anything

Uploading: IMG_6112.MOV…

You have to save the movie to another base (like Youtube) and then reference it here. Single images you can drag and drop here :slightly_smiling_face:

Please share a photo showing your interface settings.

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Your engrave settings are not the Proofgrade default settings and would certainly cause some harm if those marks were actually engraved at a speed of 220 full power. Unfortunately, that isn’t the problem with the machine. Can you select the first operation and select “ignore”. Then choose print and see if the machine will score and cut?


I tried and it’s still the same
thank you

That’s a great video for troubleshooting. Thank you for sharing it.

A mirror in the laser arm has come out of alignment during shipping. The laser beam that should be entering that glass window on the side of the print head is instead striking somewhere below it. A tiny bit of the light is making it into the window, just enough to see an outline of the project on your wood, but most of it is just hitting the ring and metal of the print head. You can see a bit of smoke where it’s probably vaporizing some glue or gasket around the glass.

Unfortunately, your machine will have to be returned for replacement, as this is not a problem that can be fixed at home. The laser arm is sealed and the mirror that’s out of alignment is not accessible for servicing.

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I wish there was a fix for your machine that we could suggest. How very disappointing for you. I am confident that Glowforge will make it right, but not as quickly as everyone wishes.

thank you very much I was waiting for it for a month and I set up my table for the GF and I was very excited when the box arrived it did not look damaged everything looked very good, and I am a little frustrated,
I hope and answer me soon the support

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