My "NoForge" Halloween

I had some time to actually use the K40 I got for my Halloween decorations this year. We did a Back to the Future themed party with our kitchen set up as Lou’s Diner, the Library set up as 1855 Hill Valley, and the Living room set up as the Enchantment under the sea dance. I cut a lot of letters out with the K40. I longed for that pass through slot, continuous cutting, better focus, better software, better everything. I pounded my way through it. I can’t wait to start the 2017 Halloween decorations with the glowforge. Out theme next year is B-Movie; Sci Fi and Monsters.
Engraved the sign on The Saloon Doors

The lettering I cut out of 5MM plywood from Lowes

Banner not laser made, but still fun.

The Hill Valley sign had a lot of cut pieces. All of the lettering is laser cut, the circles for the Civic Organizations are laser cut. I used 123D Make to cut the “Please Drive Carefully” It’s 4 pieces of Plywood glued together.

I cut the MB on the podium facade on the laser as well.


That’s amazing!

Some other laser cut bits and bobs

I did a bunch of these accordion ball fish I wish I had the Forge to help me with this part of the project.


Looks like one heck of a party! :grinning:


Can I come to your party next year? What a GREAT job! How many hours did you put into this? Wow! - Rich


It was a great party. We had 44 in attendance. I spent an untold number of hours in Inkscape pounding my head against the details, and probably a week of lasering, making mistakes, and building. I started the Hill Valley sign on Sunday, and finished Friday. That includes the inkscape design time, and a thousand other things for the party.


Wow…you go all out!! Great job!!


Gosh, Halloween is super fun at your house. It’s so cool that you choose a theme and enact it in such detail.


How many times did you watch/pause the movie before making these??? Amazing job and attention to detail. Hopefully they can be used more than one party !! …

My invite must of been lost in the mail…:disappointed:


Get outta here… wow! This is so funny and cool at the same time. Love it! Way to take things to the next level.

I bought a black Toyota Tacoma because of that movie. True Story. :thumbsup:


Looked great @mad_macs!

I was invited to the party but I wan’t able to be there. I have known him since grade school. His parties are quite something. But, as far a decorations go, I think this one topped them all.


Totally blown away! Amazing! Next level for sure!


What an amazing party that must have been. All of the details are so well thought out and executed.

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That all looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what you will do with your Glowforge. :slight_smile: I wore out our VHS copies of Back To The Future. :sunglasses:

VHS? What’s that? :grin: (old enough to know) - Rich

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A few trips through the movies for sure, mostly screen captures, and I picked up an app called Photo Scaler for the iPad that helped with the scale on the Hill Valley sign. I wish I had a larger format laser printer for the Civic organization signs though!

The Glowforge will be working overtime for the next party for sure. I need to get a lot of plywood and get started early! Plus I have a costume to build too! You will have to make one of these parties sometime John!


I really wanted to go to this year’s but not quite enough to drive 3-1/2 hours each way. One of these years we’ll plan a long weekend in the area in late October.


And it was quite fascinating to watch the Facebook guessing of next year’s theme. I almost jumped in at one point but I had a problem with my browser. By the time I got back in, someone had guessed it.