My pattern density setting adjusters disappeared! What happened?

I use the pattern density settings when I do portraits for my business to adjust the light and dark range of the photos for the best composition. I still have the adjustment bar but it doesn’t have the indicators so I can see what setting it has and I can’t tell if i can control both ends of the range. Hopefully it is just a glitch otherwise it is going to kill my business going into the busy season.

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Sometimes browser glitches cause this type of problem. Have you tried using a different browser?

I suggest that you email Glowforge support to insure that they are aware of this issue since they don’t monitor this forum.


The pattern density adjustment may need attention on any (or every) image in a way that is very specific to that image.

There is an adjustment at each end though they can be hard to see. If you have a lot of black and dark areas you might want to come down a bit on that end. Likewise, if there is a lot if very light areas you might need some of the same adjustment to be sure that there are atleast some dots in the lighter areas.

Before anything else I try to make sure that I have set the contrast such that the range from white to black is included. Too dark or too light does not give as much range to work with.

If using dot array, the dots will all be the same depth, but with variable power you need to use full power to give each level of gray the maximum range (speed balanced for maximum / minimum result)

Thank you, I’m aware how it is supposed to work, I have been making portraits for the last 4 years it just stopped showing up with the slider highlights that it used to have. It also used to indicate a number underneath to show the exact value and it doesn’t show anything now. I am using my Chrome browser, as always. I also rebooted the computer and logged back in. And while I was typing this I got the bright idea to pull it up on my phone because it used to appear there also. It does not anymore. It shows the slider but doesn’t highlight and doesn’t have the numbers underneath. That is using the Samsung browser. I haven’t seen anything about any updates to the system that removed the controls.

Did you contact Glowforge? Did you get a response from Glowforge? Do you have the Premium subscription which would allow you to access Past Prints?


I’ve tried several options while troubleshooting, thank you for options to check. I’d already tried them because I can’t stand asking for assistance but I tried them again just in case. I’ll send something over to them. I’ve had a premium account since they rolled out the program. Looking through previous runs the slider is there but it doesn’t highlight like it used to and doesn’t have the number indicators. (just like it is doing with a new print since the problem). Clicking on the scale changes the preview but the entire picture shifts instead if just cropping the dark and light ends of the scale.

Would you mind checking what yours is currently doing, please?

Mine is the same as you describe yours. The density changes but there are no numbers and there isn’t a slider.


I can see the box - but see no way to adjust it. Someone definitely updated some code and broke something! I will also send an email to to make sure they know - but in the meantime, hey @emilyhuh can you bring this to someone’s attention!

There used to be sliders that showed up so you could indicate top and bottom density:


Thanks. I thought it was borked and was hoping it wasn’t just an issue on my end. I don’t always need to use it for basic tasks but my portraits require it.


I’ll check with the team! Thank you for flagging this to me!


I got a really generic email response (not the auto response) so I responded with this video:

They’re responding as if this is an issue that’s only happening to me, and not to multiple people - which mean they neither read what I sent in the first email, nor clicked on the link to the forum I provided…I expect better from :glowforge: CS!


So sorry about that @deirdrebeth! The team is looking into the issue. I just checked in with them this morning. Appreciate your patience!


I got a response from Danielle, a Tech Support Engineer, and they are seeing the same issue on their end - so they’re working on a fix. No ETA yet, but progress!


Yes! The team is working on this and they know it’s a priority. Thank you again for everyone’s patience!


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