My personal perspective on my wait for my GF

-DISCLAIMER- The following is my personal perspective on my wait for my GF. It is not intended to conflict with your own perspective, another forum member’s perspective, or any real/implied wait time, shipping time, or delivery times addressed in various GF topics. My personal perspective may be better/worse than others’ experiences.

Now…for my perspective on waiting for my GF:

I put waiting for my GF in comparison for something else I had signed up for…something I wanted/needed…that an untold thousands of others also wanted/needed. When my sign-up made it on the list, they told me it could be any day/week/month…all depended on supply and demand. Supply was limited, demand was high.

I was on the list for 2 years…and they told me any week now. 2 years came and went. Then 3 years, same story. Then 5 years, same story. Then…on the 7th year…it finally happened…it was there, ready for me. They called…asked if I wanted it…I said 'Yes!!"…and 2 days later it was mine. They weren’t shipping it to me. I had to go get it in-person.

Some of you may have surmised what I may have been waiting for. I was on a kidney transplant list for the past 7 years…finally getting the call February 12th of this year. Of note, February 14 was my 30th anniversary and February 17 was my 50th birthday. So, lots of great things happend that week.

So, in my own mind…personal perspective…me waiting for a GF is not as “personally critical” as waiting for a kidney. So, each day/week/month I wait for my GF, I put it in perspective that I’ll have my GF once my time comes. It’s worth the wait.

Some of you may have had similar waits (for a child, finding your life partner, buying a house, other, etc…). Some of you may argue symantics of GF’s shipping and delivery terminology, or other GF promises (real or inferred) are not comparable to my own experiences. I’m not downplaying your GF wants, desires, and expectations, nor am I disputing your views on GF’s shipping strategies. All I’m saying is that my personal perspective on my wait for my GF has been tempered by my own waiting experiences. I’m just happy to be alive long enough to afford a GF, and eventually ‘fire the laser’.

Stay positive, stay productive, and stay happy!

Best regards,


Cool story, bro.

We have our health, but money is not something we have a lot of.

You might have no problem waiting on your forge, but for us it is costly and continues to be so. While there are people like you who could care less when it arrives, there are some of us that have been overly anxious with each delay, having made so many sacrifices over almost 2 years of being told it is coming, it is coming

Granted, it is not a kidney, but you must also respect that fact that the GF is just as important to some of the rest of us as that kidney was for you.

Thanks for your input, it is nice to know some people who are waiting could care less when it arrives. That will offset the rest of us who finally found a voice on the forums after 2 years who want their forges yesterday. lol points to self Smiley/winkyface/smiley.


Wow. That’s just amazing. I’m so glad you are here with us, able to share this. I hope all continues to go well for you!


I concur. So, let me put this out as an aside…I can certainly respect that the GF is equally, if not greater, in importance to others.

I had hoped that my disclaimer was well enough stated to articulate that I was not intending to dispute other views or perspectives (e.g. or importance).

FWIW, I’m not in the category of “could care less when it arrives”…I do care and deeply desire the sooner the better on the GF delivery. I just have a different perspective on waiting.

Again…I acknowledge your statement of the importance of getting your GF and all others who eagerly wait/expect/need it. My story wasn’t meant to downplay the importance of others…it was just putting out my own personal mindset.

Best regards.


Well that certainly puts things in perspective. Attitude of gratitude.


well… i hope your GF isn’t really as important to you as a working kidney. you might need to reevaluate priorities if that’s true.


Thank you for the insight, and congratulations on success of the long wait for something that impacts your quality of life and longevity!
The laser will just be an enhancement, a decoration on a new outlook.

Good Luck! :sunglasses:


Well said! I may have to use that on a future GF engrave project :crazy_face:


Because of your experience, you have a very deep perspective on life, and what is really important. Only those who have stared mortality in the eye can possess that. That clear perspective is your affliction’s gift to you. It’s your superpower.
“With every gain there is loss, and with every loss there is gain”… or something like that. :thinking:

Welcome! One sailor to another - The forum would benefit from your participation Chief… and I’ll bet you Rock that glowforge.


Congratulations to you and my gratitude to the donor/donor family and the surgical and medical teams.


Thank you for sharing your story Keith. Sounds like it was handled with grace, some humor, and a great deal of courage. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you get your glowforge soon as well. And give me a holler if I can assist with anything when you get it. Happy to help. :grinning:


Thanks Keith.
I am grateful for your perspective, and glad that you are around and in better health to enjoy your Glowforge.


Thanks for the thoughtful words! :grinning:


Well, that’s certainly a unique perspective!
Glad you didn’t have to choose between the two! :slight_smile:


I was going to post a response to the hostility and medical nonsense being spouted in this thread, but I will refrain and simply say: thanks for the perspective @boringkajj.

As someone that has had family and friends lost to cancer (despite them not eating processed food or drinking sugary drinks), kindey failure and other diseases, and who spent many years working emergency medical services, I have a very slight glimpse into the ordeal you have gone through.



Watching a very dear brother-in-law struggle with kidney failure … am so happy you have received your kidney replacement. What a wonderful gift to you and your family!


I’m overwhelmed with happiness about your transplant. I hope you’re feeling great.

Everyone: sign up to be an organ donor!! It’s easy and it’s important.


Thank you -everyone- for the kind and thoughtful words regarding the recent installation of my used kidney :crazy_face:

Some interesting nuggets of kidney transplant info…

-The docs don’t remove the old kidneys (unless they’re causing a medical issue)…they just install a 3rd one up front of the body…just left or right of the belly button, above the hip. Gnarly scar. Chicks dig guys with scars…so I’m told.

-The used kidney grows to compensate for the extra work not being done by the original kidneys.

-If you donate a kidney…your remaining kidney grows to compensate for the loss of the other.

-If you donate a kidney…there’s no medical expenses on your part (at least that’s what the docs stated).

-Donating or receiving a kidney doesn’t void your Glowforge warranty!

Stay groovy!



What a long wait! So glad you got a new-to-you kidney & hoping you’re feeling rejuvenated!

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