My personal perspective on my wait for my GF

That’s more in line with what I remember hearing. What’s the reason why they would still have to do the hip extraction? Is it a volume thing or is there something fundamentally different about the marrow being extracted?

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I have no idea, I would presume the difference is a reflection of the technological evolution of the procedure.

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Happy that you are still around and able to get the Glowforge to begin with. What harrowing experience you have already been through with your health issues and I hope that your health will continue to be good. Like you, I am patiently/impatiently waiting for my glowforge as well but there are so many things more important, like health, and so I try to patiently wait without adding unneeded stress to the situation. I also wanted to Thank you for your service. I too had the honor of serving my country in the US Navy. Hopefully we will both be receiving our Glow Forge soon.


So…what started out as a post about my internal reflection about how I stay positive on the wait for my GF delivery…evolved into a —much, much better— thread about donors, recipients, and what we all can do to contribute. Thanks to all of you for your contributions to this post.

Thank you to @dan for what he thought was a “thread hijack” but was more of a “thread positive” direction!

****** A challenge to the readers of this thread…go forth throughout the variety of GF forums and inject some “thread positive” where needed. We all know some threads need some help. Empathy…good. A kind word of encouragement…good. A positive note or emoji…good. Somewhere within your post state: Thread Positive *****

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You know, in a few years we will probably be 3d printing kidneys…


…and our own steaks ?

sorry, sorry :blush:



That is already in research now (it’s tricky because we need to print YOUR kidney, not a random one, or we have all the rejection issues we have with orthotropic transplants now):


From a marketing standpoint, telling people (obviously if you’ve signed up to be a marrow donor you are already engaged) that we are going to drill into your hip with a coring bit and painfully suck out your bone marrow is a bit of a turn-off to getting people to volunteer:

(note, not for the squeamish or folks who don’t enjoy british comedy)


That’s why my mom won’t sign up.
I wasn’t aware of the updated procedure when I signed up 3-4 years ago.
I figured a little discomfort (even nonlethal temporary agony) to save a life was a decent trade-off.
Mom likes sitting all day, so maybe I can convince her to reconsider.

I love medical advancements!
Not just “yay we can save a life” but also, "It’s easier, less painful, and has less harsh side effects."
Keep it up, @henryhbk… you and all the people like you. Thanks for making the world better.


Perspective is everything. Organs, Glowforges, marrow donations, etc. As a Leukemia survivor I fully understand the perspective of @boringkajj. As someone who would much rather be making, than typing for a living, I too understand the perspective of @positiveforward.

And, I overwhelmingly support, although not able to sign up myself. As we are on a hijack aside, I just want to give some insight from the survivor side. Fortunately I didn’t need a marrow donation, but I still worship those that are willing to put their name in the ring. I think I speak for all survivors, that donors, no matter what the donation, are at the highest of the high on the list of amazing human beings!

The wait can be agonizing, but the day it arrives will be exhilarating…