My printer isn't cutting where I lined it up on the app

I have been using my printer quite a bit and what I put on the app ends shifting a quarter of an inch when I go to print. For example, I lined up a cut near something I had already cut out and it ended up going into that cut (even though I placed it to the right of it). Does that make sense? Would someone be able to help me? I think I need to clean it because it’s also not cutting through some of my proofgrade boards when I use the usual suggested settings.

Use the “set focus” button under the 3 dots menu button, and then click on your material. The machine will measure the material height and scale the camera image using that information. Only after doing that, line up your design with the image where you want it to print. There will be no shift on your screen when you press Print as it won’t need to do the height measurement at that time any more, as you already took it.


Use the set focus prior to placing your design. You can use the set focus multiple times and in multiple places before you hit print. If you need precise placement, make a jig.


Ditto to what they said. To give you an idea of why it can look so off, this is what the camera is actually seeing. Set Focus uses math to make the image square, and Set Focus tells it where it’s most important to be correct.


Set Focus is your bestest friend in the world of Glowforging.


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