My prints aren't centered

Hi community…My first post as a newbie. Thanks in advance. I’m printing on slate, centered correctly as per the camera scan image but my prints are moving to the right by a considerable amount. I’m using the ‘set focus’ option, which shifts the image so i correct it to center yet it engraves OFF center. Could somebody please advise?

You must always use set focus before you drag you image into place or it will move.


It’s because before set focus is used the GF does not know the height of the material and will present an inaccurate view of the bed. The lid camera takes a distorted fisheye view of the bed and through a fancy algorithm dewarps the image. If it doesn’t know the material height the image will be much bigger or smaller than reality. If you use set focus first the material image will be more accurate and placement of the intended print over the material should be reasonably close.

If you still are having the problem after using set focus properly then a lid camera calibration may be needed. It’s on the Support page but I don’t have the link handy.


Thank you for your prompt reply. I’ll do a test tonight

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