My Pro has started cutting way way off the design

I have sent an email to support, but I am sure it will be a while until I hear from them since it is the week end. I also ordered more draft board and it may come today or Monday. Anyway I thought I would put this here to see if anyone has had this happen and figured out how to fix it.

My pro is messing up my prints by doing some of the cuts way off the design. The last 3 prints have really messed up and I have no idea how to fix it. I will run the recalibration as soon as I get the draft board. Has this happened to anyone else?


Can’t look over your shoulder to check stuff. If the unit thinks the material height is different than actual then the cut and design could be WAY different as shown. Also looks like your cut lines are wide indicating a potential focus error. Material height and focus are tied together depending on how the project was set up.

Also the possibility that the head was bumped, or hit an object. Restarting the unit by hitting the power switch would cure that.


I used the auto focus to set the focus. I used two different wood types and 3 different designs.

I thought it was bumped the first time. But it has done this for three days now and it was turned off between each time.

Looks like it’s getting caught on something. What is the strip of masking doing in there? Did it come up, or is that from the back?

Are you brayering down the masking? Make sure the masking is pressed down evenly (with a credit card or scraper or brayer) to activate the adhesive, and trim off the excess at the edges of the board. That might be tall enough to interfere with the head too if it gets blown up by the air assist. (Hard to tell from the pics.)

Last suggestion is to watch the print when it gets to the cutting stage - you might be able to see what causes it.

It did make a mess on the masking , but it also messed up a different print with no masking. Also no magnets or other things to bump into. I did watch and have no idea why it just cut in the wrong place or didn’t cut where it should.

I see that you have Snapmarks. Can you use them to get an accurate cut?

Your bed image looks pretty funky - where it has that big bow in the front/center. That’s almost like either the camera is at an odd angle/lid isn’t closing the whole way, or the crumbtray isn’t down in the divots on the front. If it was the lid not closing all the way/camera at an odd angle, I could see that causing calibration issues and it being off enough to have interference issues somewhere.

The image has me confused to heck as to what’s what :slight_smile: what happens if you reboot and just run a simple Gift of Good Measure on the fresh reboot?

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I found some proof grade acrylic, so I am running the recalibration now. @jbmanning5, I think the cell phone picture made the funky look. The tray is flat in the divots. The lid is closed fine. I am praying the calibration works.

Ok the test print worked fine. My theory is that a fan we are using to help cool the room in this heat wave, was touching the table the Pro is on. Maybe the vibrations messed it up. I hope that is it. Thanks for all the ideas. I am going to try the important print now, fingers crossed.

So sorry that you ran into trouble during a really important print. It looks like you’ve already received some great advice from our other community members. Thanks everyone!

How did running the camera recalibrator go? Did your most recent print turn out as expected?


I think the fan touching the table was my main problem. I also have had a problem with the masking I am using not sticking well and coming up to interfere with the beam. This was not an issue when I bought this mask but it is near the end of the roll and our home is hot so I think that is the issue. The re calibration didn’t hurt.

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Thank you for the update and additional information. I’m glade to hear that you’re back up and printing!

Since the advice you received led to a solution, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. If you run into trouble with print alignment again, please either start a new thread or email and we’ll be happy to help!

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