My Pro is missing from my list of printers. Why is this?

My Pro that is getting the tube replace is no longer showing up in my list of printers. Why is this?

They erased you and your printer from existence in this version of the Universe! :slight_smile:

Maybe that means they’re going to replace it with a new unit?


In an alternate Universe all GF units have Snap Marks!

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In my alternate Universe, no GF unit needs snapmarks, it just works like magic :slight_smile:


And no need for air filter either because it emits all unicorn farts that smell like cupcakes!


You want to print while they are working on it?

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Just wondering why would it not still be on my list of printers we have? Why would it need to be removed from my list?

Alternate answer: you have been flagged for Glowforge abuse. The machine is broken and social services has taken custody.


If trying to run 3 GF printers is a crime then I am guilty! I have 2 on my list… Well NOW only 1! And use another at another location (The Shop)

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Mine disappeared as well. I sent Puff in for revival but I assume that the disappearance marked the Final death with no Revival.

Thank you for reaching out. This behavior is to be expected during the repair process. Since we’re updating you on the status of your repair over email, I am going to close this thread.