My PRU's cover is like that too


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THat’s true on my PRU, be aware that causes the lid camera to be off angle so I put a weight (a spool of masking paper) on it which makes it flush again.


I believe every unit is like that. I asked several owners as well as Support and all said it curved.

So you weigh down the lid to make it as flush as possible? And that helps? I would have thought they’d calibrated the camera to work with the “warped lid” shape, no?


They’re all like that, PRU or otherwise. If I have to compensate by putting a weight on it, I don’t feel like I have a final production unit.

I’m ok living with a small bend in the lid as long as it doesn’t affect operation of the Glowforge (by causing camera problems, smoke escape, etc.). If it does, they’re going to need to replace it at some point.

(edit) Now that I think about it, there’s almost enough gap that it could cause a safety issue. I need to double check when I get home and make sure it’s light-proof.


Ahhhh…back to my “Low tech option for testing if there’s an open gap in the lid…” :crazy_face:


my cover does that also, on the left side. I usually don’t worry about it. sometimes I put some weight on the top. Either way, it doesn’t affect my prints in any noticeable way.


That was my assumption as well, if the state the curve is “normal” or at least expected, I would think they camera calibration takes that into account. I would have to put some serious weight mind to flatter it out and I rather think it would break the glass trying so definite no go for me. I get no light or smell leakage that seems out of the expected amount so it probably is all cosmetic. But just seems odd that for a multiple thousand dollar device with such a nice looking glass design that the first thing anyone will see when looking at it is door section is bowed up and not flush, which would be among the last things I would have guessed to expect as a concern.


The consensus seems to be the lid is flat. It is the side pieces that dip in the middle. Have you tried a straight edge across it?


Of note mine is almost 1/8" out of true (proud of the top), which seemed excessive…


The door just feels cheap. The rest of the industrial design is pretty cool, but unfortunately having a part you interact with a lot be bent and misaligned and mushy feeling takes away from the overall experience. It’s the kind of thing Apple excels at. Look at the way the AirPods case snaps closed for contrast. Imagine if the Glowforge closed smoothly and solidly with a satisfying click. I’d sit there just opening and closing it and feeling joy.

Fortunately the thing itself works pretty darn well (although the lid may be a factor in camera issues). But it’s not like we’re going to see a software upgrade that fixes the lid, and I can’t imagine the logistics or cost that would go into replacing them. So I’m resigned the having to overlook it. A lot.