My scrap acrylic haul


Hello. I mostly lurk around here but I picked up some cast acrylic cut offs from my local plastics supplier today and I thought I’d share.

5+ lbs cost $10 and they had lots more. Mostly clear, but some black and white and a little piece of orange, too. I’ll go back again when I have more time to dig around.

With this in addition to the six 42"x48" sheets of bronze extruded I got off of Craigslist for $10 each, I think I might have enough to last through my first week of planned projects when my 'forge finally arrives!


Dang! Lucky dog! :relaxed:


Looks like I’m going to have to start poking around the local suppliers trash bins…er… I mean scrap bins. I know some of the local sign makers throw away tons of scrap, didn’t think about going to the suppliers for cutoffs and seconds.


nice haul!


Score!!! I need to find one of these places!


Nice score.


That looks like a great haul! I have a very large stack of acrylic waiting for a glowforge too. Hopefully we get them soon because the stack starting to take over my office!


Just three days until the “4th Friday” scrap sale at Colorado Plastics@PFI-Guy & I hope to meet up there to stock up.


Got my calendar reminder and looking forward to meeting you!

Maybe meet your GF :glowforge::wink:


wow, what a find. and so many big pieces!