My Shaper Origin Unboxing Video

AKA what I spent literally my entire Saturday on. It’s so time consuming to make these things, from dragging out all the lights and extension cables, to fighting with Final Cut Pro. Maybe tomorrow I can actually cut something.


I gave up on Final Cut Pro years ago (add you best bad words for FCP here:__________________ ) iMovie is so much more intuitive, easier to use and you can actually get stuff done really fast! Thanks for taking the time to produce the video!!!

Great video.

Very impressive vision system. Now if GF had domino strips around the bed and used the same software it might be self calibrating and accurate.


The software seems incredibly polished, and with pretty major feature updates. They even make that excellent Fusion 360 add-on.


The shaper really does look like a polished product. Great work on the video too, really enjoyed it!

Thanks Chris. It seems that the weather in my garage is similar to yours and warming up just in time for the origin to arrive…

I know they say “if you have to ask” but how much are they getting for them? I can’t seem to immediately seem to see what it goes for?


At the bottom - final preorder price was $1899

A lot of people baulked at that price, but honestly for the technology and something that’s attached to Festool parts it seems pretty reasonable to me.

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I kind of forgot how much I’d paid for it… now that I’ve got it, that does seem like a lot for a tool I don’t have much use for… but that just means I need to invent uses for it!


I like that attitude! Nice review - I look forward to hearing more impressions as you get more time with the tool.

Hahah that was the boat I took when buying the GF. I knew I’d find a use for a laser cutter… I just didn’t have one yet :laughing: now I have all kinds :slight_smile:

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Here’s the second part. Includes a comparison to making the same cut with a Glowforge.


Really interested in the shaper so thanks for the video! Would love to see a big USA shaper map.

p.s. RIP headphone users around 18mins in :grin:

Oops, sorry. I was going to duck the volume at that point but it didn’t seem as bad as I thought. I meant to go back to it, but after two days of editing I ran out of steam.

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Great to see the Origin in action. It’s on the list of purchases when I’ve some spare cash and they ship worldwide.

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Hey Chris, could you cut a small chunk out of that foam insert to allow the shield to stay on during storage? Just a thought, take it for what its worth :slight_smile:

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Good idea! That would probably work, but I’ll wait until it’s not so new and shiny.

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Hahah makes sense. It IS quite shiny :wink: I hope you share some of your creations using it with us here on the forum!

I’m also looking forward to seeing what other people do with theirs… I am short of ideas. There are some fairly obvious places where it can do things that a laser can’t: thick materials, pocketing/precision depth, and perhaps some light sheet metal work.

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