My spidey sense is tingling

I made this one before out of wood and it turned out great, but to go with the first original appearance of venom I decided to test it out on some new material for the whole black and white venom paper look as an experiment, and it turned out awesome!



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What is that beautiful material? Is it the white mdf??

Gorgeous - especially with the layering

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Yep, white MDF from home Depot


How did you get it to go black? Mine is a nice dark brown, but I haven’t seen such a dark color. If it has to do with settings, you don’t have to say specifics, that way the post doesn’t get moved to BTM, just curious.

It’s probably since I don’t wipe off the residue after and I mask it before. I use the same settings as everyone else has. I’m wondering if I am also using a different type than others cuz I see others says marker board which I feel like would be more smooth than this. This is white hard board from home Depot. So not sure if it’s any different.

I’ve been using this and also masking it. I saw the marker board thing the other day and was curious if it was different than what I’d been using. Maybe it’s the settings then, I use my own, didn’t search what others had used. It’s not often I would ever need a black contrast, but if I do, guess I’ll research it more then.

I think that’s what I’m using.

These are the settings I am using, I’ll just move this beyond the manual:
Engrave: Full Speed, Full Power, Convert to dots with a pixel density of 84, 225 lines

Cut settings: Full power, 150 Speed

All my settings can be found here for all the materials I tried if interested:


Definitely an impressive piece!

Amazing work!

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