My take on the Cryptex

Wow, I love what you did with the letters. That was one of the things that I found most difficult, was making sure all of that got lined up. I actually saw your post after I had completed mine. If I had seen it before I probably would’ve done it the way you did. Your work is amazing.

Very nice.

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Brilliantly done!


I love the different materials used for their different properties. Very nice work.


This is an amazing offering. I am in awe of what you were able to create.

I so admire the inspirations that motivate people to create their “crafts,” so to speak, as I do yours.

Congratulations, it’s perfect.


Fantastic! The alternating colors looks amazing and the whole project is so clean and professional - great job!


Have you found any better instructions on how to put it together? I’ve cut all the pieces but struggling to understand how it all fits together. Some pieces don’t seem to fit right. Please let me know if you know of anything. I really need help. Thank you.

It took me a little time but I figured it by trial and error. I would be happy to help you if you can tell me which part is giving you trouble (or a picture) I will do my best to explain it