My tracking number does not work

I received the shipped notice 8 days ago… The accessory box arrived, but the printer has not.

When I click the tracking link , or enter it by hand it gives me an notice stating that UPS does not know of the shipment.

Any ideas what I should do to try to track it down?


Care to share the tracking number?

Did you try comparing the number you have with the number on the accessory box? Also, have you signed up for UPS Choice?


You may be able to enter the tracking number from the first package and see if it is a set of tracking numbers. This would show you the other packages in the same overall shipment.


This used to be the way it was done. Box 1 of 2 etc. it was really confusing in the tracking because you had to drill down to see box 2/2.


Try the number in Fedex too - mine came UPS, but my return was Fedex so…

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I’m sorry for the confusion. We’ve just sent you an email with the status of your shipment. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this topic.