My unit won’t let me print close to edge it says I am at the edge but it is printing a inch in from edge resulting in a lot of waste

My unit won’t let me print close to edge
It says I am right at the edge but prints in from edge at least a inch

The view of the work area provided by the lid camera is a view of the usable area of the interface, not its entirety. Most Proofgrade boards are 12 x 20, but the usable area of the interface is 10.9" x 19.5". It has always been this way.

If you look at the printhead in the home position, you will see that there is material behind it and to the left of it. This area cannot be accessed by the printhead. It cannot print behind or to the left of the home position. Orient your artwork relative to the lower right corner.

Please see the picture in this thread posted by @Jules: Bed is off of the camera view to the left - #5 by crazycul1


Also if you are engaging, depending on the speed of the engraving, it narrows the area.


I have so many pieces od 1"x 20" scrap, I made a bed pin group to use them.
You can also make use of the lower right of the board and then rotate it to use the rest.


This is what I do. The majority of my scrap is really funky shapes :slight_smile:


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