My Wife Likes Zebras


Someone on this forum posted a bunch of free SVGs. One of them was a beautiful zebra that was destined to be a cheese board.
I engraved the zebra itself and used a light score to mark the outline. Then, used a scroll saw to cut the outline because the board is 3/4” thick. Those risers I made came in handy for this project for sure.
Finally, I sanded all edges and got rid of the Smokey surfaces as well.
Here are my results:


Cool! (Nice scroll saw work too - that shape can’t have been easy to cut.) :grinning:


Did somebody say scroll saw? Nice to hear someone else uses their scroll saw. Nice Zebra, now you need the Lion chasing the Zebra.


Wow, gorgeous! Certainly a unique breadboard!


It looks like inlay from the photo! Fantastic job - I’m sure the wife loves it !


Very cool! My daughter’s been asking to make zebra earrings together - this will be great inspiration.


Nice work Jason! Yeah I printed that too, it was from @kittski.