My Wife Pranking Herself

So today I went to grab some milk from the store, and apparently my wife took that opportunity to print out some cockroaches. She forgets that they don’t bother me much, but they certainly bother her! So she hid the first in the refrigerator, of which I had to do a double take when putting the milk away. With everything that’s been going on , she’s been working from home in my office. I grabbed the fake cockroach and hid it under the toilet lid and got her. Then later while I was fulfilling an online order, I noticed another one of her fake bugs in my Glowforge:

So, once again, I took this new one and put it under the toilet lid, nobody suspects a prank, but to be pranked twice by the same joke? No way. This time I got her really good, and she said she almost peed herself (since that’s why she was in the bathroom in the first place :joy:). Anyway, these little cutouts were surprisingly convincing and made for a good few jokes, guess she wasn’t expecting to play herself with them, though!


Bwahahaha! Spew!


Ohhhhh, good ones! This sounds like it is going to be going on for awhile… :bug: :bug: :bug: :bug:

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I had friends that burned out and cast some in red bronze, and swore they left them as tips in restaurants that had such poor service they would never be back anyway. They called them the copper roach awards.


Roaches are my kryptonite. I hate them with a passion.


So apparently destiny thought it would prank her as well, because later on she found a real one in the bathroom! Here in Hawaii it isn’t uncommon to see one every once in a while, so that’s part of why the original joke was believable, but for a real one to show up later that night is hilarious!


At least roaches are small and don’t have giant pincers :grin:


Does not matter. I have shared before, but in college I woke up to a tickle on my nose, which turned out to be a rather large roach ON MY FACE.

I have PTSD from that.


Better roach than rat as another friend woke up to, though I suppose one’s personal extremes are as extreme as they can tolerate if not imagine. Here in Florida, large roaches are ubiquitous, but they cannot bite like a Palo Verde Beetle much less scorpion or centipede in Arizona, and the Kissing Bug there can seriously ruin your life and do seek you out at night. I tend to try and keep that perspective

You’re trying to rationalize an irrational situation. I’m not afraid of roaches. I’m freaked out by them.

I was blissfully unaware of these (apparently we call them assassin bugs) until I encountered one while working on one of my 'bikes about 10 years ago. Apparently around 12,000 people/yr die from their bites in South America. They go for the eyelids or lips. Now, THERE’S a prank!


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I was going to add that the roaches here are just another bug, but that the centipedes are the real bad guys. I hadn’t seen one for almost 3 years, but today I just found another one scurrying across the floor!

It was about 4 inches long, and if it would have stung one of us, it would have caused for a very bad time.


I am not familiar with a Hawaiian Species though I assume it is an exotic. How does it rank in the world centipedes? the ones in Arizona are extremely painful but not life threatening, others elsewhere are, some I have not heard as being especially poisonous.

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