My wifi button will not turn Green

I went through the set up and it showed that everything set up connecting, But my button will not turn green at all or even look like it’s on? HElp

Try holding the button down for about 20 seconds…

If you’re already connected, the button won’t light up until you have a design ready to cut/engrave

The button is not supposed to turn green. What steps are you trying to follow?

I did and it won’t start. it tells me my project will take 4:06 but nothing is happening

I went through the set up process on the glowforge site.

Can you please share a screen shot of what you are seeing? When you set up the Glowforge, the button is teal and you go through the steps to connect the Glowforge to your home wifi.
Once you have a project loaded (I suggest you choose the Gift of Good Measure as your first cut) you click on the print button on the interface. When the button on the Glowforge blinks white, you press it and the Glowforge should begin engraving and cutting.

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my button was never teal. It has never lit up at all.
I’ve held it down for the 10 seconds as some have recommended and still nothing. I’ve shut everything down and rebooted and still nothing.


Ok, everything seems connected and ready to go - except your button doesn’t flash white like it is supposed to. Since you say it was never teal, I’m guessing there is a bad connection to the button. Support will have to get you straightened out. While waiting for them, if you press it now and it doesn’t do anything, I suggest turning the machine off and taking a look inside to see if the wire leading to the button seems connected properly.


Mine won’t do anything in 10 seconds, either. Takes closer to 20 seconds.

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Wow. That is different. Very rare that there are button errors, but it’s happened. Would be great if it just a loose connection that you can get too.

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Tried again this morning. Same thing. The light never even lights up AT ALL. NEVER! Not white, nor orange, not yellow, not red, not green, not teal, not blue. . . NOTHING!!! lol

I looked and cannot see anything that is loose leading to the button . . . I checked the little thing on the back above the powercord and it is in place as well.

Yeah, it sounds like you’ve got a mechanical error with the connection to the button.
If you get to here:

and press the button (even though it’s not flashing) and nothing happens then it’s not just the LED that’s broken, but the full connection.
Support will be here ASAP and will help you out.

Don’t send them an email, as you’ve already opened a support ticket by posting here. An email will just slow down their response.


Well Your idea of ASAP and mine must be very different because I posted this last evening and also sent email(didn’t realize this opened a ticket as well) and have heard absolutely nothing other than the automated emails saying how busy they are! BLAH!

Not impressed at all at the moment to spend this kind of $$ and not have the ability for phone support!

As both the website, and that automated email say, their turnaround time is ~3 business days. As you sent this on a weekend, today is day 1.

You will know they’ve gotten to you when someone comes and closes this thread. After that they’ll respond to your email

I’m so sorry to hear that your new Glowforge is having trouble. I agree that the button is not behaving as expected.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I’m recommending we replace this one. I just replied to your email to sort out the details. Once again, I’m so sorry about the bad news.

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