Mylar balloons

Has anyone ever tried printing on a blank Mylar balloon? I know it sounds a tad crazy but I can’t find the design I’m looking for and thought maybe this might work. Any thoughts? Advice? Thank you for your consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

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My gut feeling is that you’ll burn right through both sides, but it you have enough mylar to play with, you could use a REALLY low power and a REALLY high speed and keep your fingers crossed… (They’re purposely made to be as lightweight as possible…)


I would think it would be better to cut self-adhesive vinyl on a Cricut or similar method (DO NOT CUT VINYL ON A GLOWFORGE). There is so little material, I would be afraid burning a design would be impossible with introducing a hole.

Mylar can be cut, not engraved (or printed on). You would need to use a sticky mat (like Seklema) if it is a thin film, and you might need to mask it on top…shiny materials can interfere with the auto-thickness determination.

Maybe you could cut a stencil and use that with ink or paint?


I know GF calls it a printer, but printing typically means adding on (i.e., ink) to something, while lasers do exactly the opposite. In other words, if you try to engrave a mylar balloon, you will almost definitely end up with a balloon with holes in it.

I totally agree with the vinyl (and with the reminder to NOT cut vinyl in your laser). There are lots of videos and blog posts about using vinyl with mylar, but you could even look for the printable vinyl to get more color.


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