Mysterious rubber washer?

I found a rubber washer to the left hand side of the crumb tray while cleaning my GF pro this morning. Where did this come from and should I be worried it is not in it’s home?

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The orange knobs that screw into the Y rails to stop the gantry moving in shipping each have a washer like that I believe.


That might be the rubber washer that is on the gantry screw in shipping “important item” lock down.

Look at the thumb screws that you removed from the gantry during the unboxing and setup.


Beat me to it

That’s a rubber black olive so you can play practical jokes on your friends.


That makes sense, I will have to dig out the packing material to check for sure. I won’t be able to get to it until later tonight though. Note that the GF is operating normally.

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@PFI-guy is correct, and I think @rotors may be on to something too.