Name of font

Can any of the font experts on here give me a clue what this one might be called. its my cousins work, and if I ask, well, that would be mighty suspicious

Looks simple enough, but I have no idea.


My guess would be it is custom for the logo. The closest thing I find is Elephantmen tallest bold but that is not a great match just a kinda sorta match.

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The font search engines (match my font) at fontsquirrel and both failed to match anything close to it. The big differences were in the “R” – I could find no font with a similar “R”.

I’m going to agree with @markevans36301 – it’s either a custom font, or an uncommon font that has been made custom by adding a skew, italic, and drop shadow.


I think that the skew and shadow found on the font were probably part of the original font… but there are a few fonts that come with layers that add a drop-shadow or line layer (like the Bourton font by Kimmy Design).

The reason I suspect it’s an integrated part of the font is the angles of the shadow:

I also have to wonder if the font is a mix of two fonts. The crossbars on the B, R, Ä seem to be angled upward/right, and the corners look angled when you compare them to round curves of the S, C and O.

If it’s all part of a singular font, it’s a really ugly font. :stuck_out_tongue: