Well I’ve noticed that a lot of regulars here have something they are known for, like puzzles, layered bowls, matrix guru, etc. Well after making another nameplate I feel like it’s what I’ll become known for :rofl:

I’ve started to learn some tricks too like scoring lines for the corresponding layer above both for alignment and to wick the acrylic glue underneath rather than across the other surfaces. Leave the masking on exposed parts while gluing. Alignment jigs for gluing the base if not thick acrylic. Wear gloves when handling the center pieces to eliminate fingerprints. Dive deep into your design file especially if it’s a curved ovalish shape like mine for bases to make sure vector points are smooth (each center curve has about a 1/4" flat spot that is noticeable on mine). And most importantly take your time layering. I flubbed up (only noticable to me on this on) and flipped the brushed aluminum acrylic wrong side up while gluing. Remember if you’re using acrylic glue you get one shot without scarring the material.


But they are nice and each somehow unique so there are a lot worse things to be known for.


Nameplates are good! :grinning:


They are great! Nothing wrong with being known for great work!


Well, you gotta admit, yours are really good!


So elegant! Just lovely!

Can you show a side or angled view? I can’t tell the depth of things. Looks fantastic head-on though!


Very good nameplate


Unfortunately it’s already been given away. It was a 12 hour turn around gift for the director since the wife graduates command college (10 weeks of master’s level classes for management and leadership) today, hence my few goofs I didn’t have time to fix.

I can tell you though:
It’s all medium acrylic.
The black and blue layered base , followed by brushed aluminum topped with a layer of black then aluminum again (which got glued on upside down so it’s just metallic gray). The vertical is clear with black in the center.
So roughly 3/4" tall in thickness.


Very professional looking.


Do you need the vector file of the VSP patch?

The filled version versus the outline as seen? I have both but the logo is less than .75 tall so the detail was being destroyed. I actually had to remove the masking and engrave it again to make the seal actually show up.

Gotcha, I’m on my phone so I can’t see it clearly. I asked because I had to do a project invoking their logo and couldn’t find it in vector anywhere so I recreated it. If you needed it, I was going to send it to you.

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I appreciate that. I actually had to do the same thing a few years ago. Now that I’m more involved with them and have a little access to the true file for specific use.

Side note I appreciate your organization for the services provided, thank you.

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My pleasure! I don’t think I’ll ever need it again being up in Connecticut, but ya never know lol maybe removing some of detail in the leaves/wreath will help with detail blurring out.

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Maybe even moving the logos to each side and making them larger would help.

Turned out great!