Names and name plaques


For various reasons, I can’t post most of the things I make. Here’s an exception I made a little while ago that I think might be useful for people to see. They were gifts so I didn’t want to post them until now.

I designed them as a single shape with no holes, so that both the positive and negative cuts were usable, with the names flat on the bottom so they could rest on a desk, a window ledge, etc. The plaques can be hung or attached to a door. I did not cut hanging/nail holes for flexibility.

They were cut from Proofgrade maple and the plaques are 4" x 11.5". Design time was 90 minutes from start to finish; production time 10 minutes (<5 minutes actual cutting time).


Nice use of the negative space! :slightly_smiling_face:


People enjoy personalized gifts … these look very nice.


Two for one, like the script used.


What font is that, I love it!


I started with the fonts Merienda and Montez, but every letter was edited, some extensively. They didn’t connect, all the vowels had holes, the f descended, the i looked pretty different, etc. Sometimes when I do this, there is little left of the original font. Here it’s like 60% for Sofia and 75% for Lena. I do not know of any font where you can just type and get results like this.


Wow, really nice font work! The result is just lovely.


Very nice work, works at many levels, big, small, negative or positive space. I made a first communion gift and what you did would have been perfect. Thanks for sharing,