Naming didn't work

Hey Support,

It’s not a massive deal but naming my new forge didn’t seem to work. I named him but he’s still calling himself ‘HYT-287’ (and although he kind of sounds like a droid from Star Wars, and that’s cool and all, it’s not his forever name). I don’t see a way to rename him on my side, so am I right in thinking you have to do it?

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Yeah, they do. (Mine’s still unnamed as well, I’m waiting for them to get less busy before asking again.) :smile:

Tell them what you want it named here in the thread and they’ll fix it up when they get a spare moment.


Thanks @Jules - although he’s happy with his droid name for now, he’s actually the voice of the amazing design podcast, 99% Invisible, and all round nice guy, Glowman Mars :wink:


OMG! You should get a dishonorable mention by him somewhere for that. I’m sitting here laughing, but shaking my head at the same time at that one. :roll_eyes::joy:

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ROFL. I’ve got the forge in a massive custom drawer to reduce noise. I am totally hoping he’s going to record the words ‘This is 99 percent invisible, I’m Glowman Mars’, so I can set it to play every time I open the drawer :joy:

I’m thinking the escutcheon needs to be a microphone or something similar. For now, I’m thinking it’s got to be a droid lol


Could someone who’s on twitter, tweet out Roman Mars and tell him someone has named a laser after him and could he possibly reward/punish them by recording “This is 99 Percent Invisible, I’m Glowman Mars”?

The honor is mine, @nathan_burley. You and Glowman Mars should be ready to print!

@Jules, we’d be happy to re-name your Glowforge. Just let us know the name you’d like and we’ll get right on it.


I’ll shoot you an email later Dan, thanks. It’s fairly low priority. :wink: