Napa Valley Swine Train

This all began when I was looking through for dinosaur skeleton plywood puzzles for my grandson’s birthday. Before presenting him with the gifts, I would scan each sheet of plywood and the instruction pages. I ended up making way too many Stegosaurs, Triceratops, Pterosaurs and other assorted dinosaurs skeletons all in several different sizes. Airships and over-sized insects, too.

Then I found this;

The perfect opportunity for a third version of my “Napa Valley Swine Train”. The first was an LGB ( Lehmann Gross Bahn) version of a 19th century ’Western style’ locomotive and passenger cars. I painted it burgundy and champagne gold just like the actual “Napa Valley Wine Train". As each of the Wine Train’s passenger cars are named after a variety of wine such as Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, etc., I named my cars BACON, HAM and PORK CHOPS.

There was a lot needing to be modified from the original puzzle kit. The wheel base was way too wide for my G-scale garden railroad, yet the cars were way too narrow for my passengers. The side boards were too low and the three entryways and six bench seats wouldn’t do at all. Despite all the dimensional changes, assembly was pretty much the same as the original kit. Other than the wheel base, most of the changes were done specifically to fit my passengers. Also, the canopies had to be removed to accommodate the passengers. I didn’t bother to make fabric shades as I won’t be using any of them. Finally, car sides, seat backs and canopy frames were all made perfectly symmetrical so, after engraving and cutting, the pieces could be flipped and engraved on their second side. The lettering is not included on the inside of the panels.

All that being said, meet the passengers.

As you can see, Petunia really trimmed down for her Swine Train adventure… Shrek’s ‘There Little Pigs’, not so much. It took about eight tries to get the drumhead to turn out the way I wanted.

Kermit stayed on the second version of the Swine Train to share a libation with “Ginger”, since she is firmly glued to her bench seat. But he eventually hopped into the “BACON” car with ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘Belle’.

The iconic ‘Welcome’ sign, located along the Wine Train tracks and Highway 29 through the Napa Valley, actually reads; “Where wine is bottled poetry”. Mine reads; “If you lived here…you’d be ham now”.

To give Ginger a little more exposure, and to include one of the three chefs, another picture from NVST version 2.

A little bit on the characters:

I used a Hallmark Christmas decoration for Porky and Victoria (from ‘Corpse Bride’) for Petunia. As you can see on Porky’s face, I’m not much for color matching and years in the sun hasn’t helped.

Shrek’s Three Little Pigs are going whole hog on their train ride.

And “Belle” got her dress, at least some of it, from “Belle” (Beauty and the Beast).

The drumhead says it all, “That’s all Folks!”

Note: With help from members, ‘erikniells’, ‘evansd2’ and ‘Purplie’, I as able to load the images and edit the original post.


Okay, I was afraid of this. My old MacBook Pro’s browser is no longer supported by Glowforge. I bought a new MacBook with Ventura and it is giving me nothing but grief. I thought I had finally figured out how to move images from the old unit to the new and have the images appear, even testing it with an email to a family member. It looks like it failed in my post. I looked for a way to preview before posting, but didn’t see that as an option.
At this point, “I need help!”


Can you install chrome on your MacBook? That would be ideal.


I’ve actually been advised against installing Chrome due to privacy issues and that it slows down the unit’s performance.


Well it’s definitely compatible with the forum and the UI. Firefox is also a very modern compatible browser with a stronger emphasis on user privacy. Might be worth a shot there.


Quick test from Ventura using Safari…


Well, works just fine for me… Trying a PNG like you have in your post…


Loaded Firefox. Let’s see what happens…


Well, that seems to have worked. Rather than re-post the entire narrative, I’ll just add the pictures in the order they should have originally appeared… I hope.
This laser cut puzzle I found on

My first Wine Train using a G-scale train by LGB.

My third generation Swine Train made with the Glowforge

Please, please, please work this time.


It worked! And it’s really cute!

P.S. just so you know, it’s possible to edit a previous post.


Thanks for the tip. I was looking for anything like ‘Review post’ to see if the images were going to show up with my initial attempt, and ‘Edit’ to delete the entire post if they didn’t, but I didn’t see either. And, frankly, I still don’t.


You can edit with the pencil icon at the bottom of the post, or delete by clicking the triple dots and then the trash can.


Thanks for that info. Clearly, I’m not a computer person. Generally, clicking on things I don’t know what they are has usually not ended well.


Be comforted — I’m a computer professional and I can still say the same thing as you! Most software is pretty bad.


What fun your swine train is! This made me chuckle:

Love it! Thank you so much for sharing your train with us!


That is totally fun. Thx for sharing!


Well that was certainly worth the wait! Outstanding job on that project—I love the humorous aspects.

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Do you have email capability for the old MacBook? Does it have a USB port? If email and immediate need, then email the pix to yourself, pick up on a newer computer.

If you’ve got a USB stick, then just sneaker-net from one computer to the other.

Don’t feel bad, I have an old copy of Illustrator (vintage 2010?) and I have to sneaker-net files between an old MacBook and my desktop model.

Once you’ve got the graphics figured out, I’d love to see them!

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That is wonderful. Gettin piggy with it.