Napkin Holder 🧻 (closest emoji) hehe

This works well, needs glue and clamps…

I just would make it a little wider with the next one to fit more napkins. If anyone would like to play with this and make it, awesome, please do. I used 1/4 in baltic, (which had way too much bondo as the images didn’t fall out.) :slight_smile:

File to download: (21.0 KB)


Thank you for the file, and, as always, the lovely view.


My pleasure!

Hey, I like the minimalist napkin holder. We have about 15 different packages of paper napkins (my sister uses them as package padding) and sometimes we just need to pick a few from the stack. Thanks for the share!

Sure! I like this design, it doesn’t take up a large footprint on the table.

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I like the napkin holder,but I really like your view! We got a bunch of snow dumped on us here in AK.

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Brrr !

Loved this design! I made mine in 1/4” oak plywood and used the hibiscus design on both sides. My turtles didn’t show very well but I might have messed up my engrave settings. Thanks @Aloha!


Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the photos!!!

Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing your file!

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This is such a great idea , thanks for sharing.

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I was just staring at it this morning on the table, empty, thinking that it would be a lot better if it was slightly wider. :slight_smile:

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