Narrow Line art on proofgrade medium maple plywood

I was trying to engrave a dragon onto a piece of proofgrade medium maple ply. I’d scaled the dragon down pretty far, which resulted in fairly fine lines. The print went ok, but I would like to do it again, adjusting the power up slightly.

so, is it possible to sort out the default settings for medium grade maple, so that I can use them for the manual settings, but tweaked slightly? what are the best practices for upping the power or reducing the speed to get a little bit deeper engrave?

For a little more context, here are four images I engraved. The second panel from the left was the first engrave, and the first panel from the left the second engrave. same image, just flipped. at this point, cleaned the lenses to make sure the inconsistency wasn’t due to them being obscured. I then engraved the dragon, which, after scaling, had very narrow lines. Then I engraved the thief and name, which came out pretty well.


When you have chosen a Proofgrade engrave setting, and switch to Manual, the values for that setting are automatically loaded into the slots.

When the manual settings box opens, you can tweak them a bit by using the sliders. More power or slightly slower speed will give a darker or deeper result, but it will not increase the size/thickness of the lines. If you want to do that, you need to adjust the thickness in the original image.


Excellent. I’m looking for only a slightly darker line. I’ll give it a go.

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So, the default power appears to be 41…what is a good increment to try?

Bump it up to 70 for black. Don’t change the speed.

(And I’m going to have to shift this to BTM since I gave a setting number.) :smile: