Narwhal Snowflake

There are 3 colors: red. blue, and black. If you do anything with black, score only. Cut on red and blue. (11.6 KB)


Just got one thing to say to that…


Thanks. I was going to link that, but I forgot.


I think you may want to edit the file to JOIN the nose tips to the outer ring. Otherwise, they will be cut and separated.

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They are sort of joined. That is why I said only score black if you wanted to. I was trying to leave the option of showing the point, though it is less clean in SVG than in the cad. If you only cut the blue and red, and ignore the black, they are joined.

I can modify to have more overlap with the horn and the outer ring, if I need to. I don’t know when I will be cutting this.

Saw that coming. Lol

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Hmmm. On my computer monitor and phone, I see only blue and red, no black

Black is only at the very tip of the horn, where it overlaps the ring and the corn. I may need to expand on that some. I don’t know if I have sufficient overlap at the tip for the ring. If someone burns this, can they let me know?

So I burned it. I am going to need to do some rework on it.


:confused: Aww man, too bad, good first effort though. If you want to make another Narwhal one, you can tell folks that this one is a bunch of short-tailed rats eating out of a bowl lol.


Thanks for the zip.

Or long-nosed shre… no, wait, that’s my ex.


I played with the connections to the outer ring and got rid of the tiny bits that should be scores (because I was lazy). Cuts nicely about 5-6 inches diameter. I will post a revised svg (if that’s OK) when I am at the machine that has it.


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