NASA Eclipse 2017 Pin-hole Projector

This is one of the coolest things the Glowforge has enabled for me yet. Like everyone else, my family has succumbed to the mass hysteria of the coming eclipse. NASA made a collection of very cool PDF templates for pin-hole projectors – one for the United States and one for each state.

I downloaded the North Carolina PDF, made some tiny tweaks to separate cuts and scores and make the pin-hole rounder and cut it out on some basic :proofgrade: maple plywood. Took me almost no time to wind up with a toy for tomorrow that also acts as a commemorative keepsake.

I’ve said it before but the ability to do this on a whim is truly the Glowforge secret power.


Very nice! :grinning:


Would really be cool, if, I had a laser. :smile:


I just printed one myself!


The full United States one is ever better, I think:


Are you going somewhere to watch? I’ll be driving from Cary down to SC - leaving at crack of dawn hoping to be in less traffic. . .

Sadly, no. We’re going to watch the view that we get in Wake Forest. Should still be a pretty fun show at around 90% coverage.

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I drove out from NJ to Paducah KY 4am. Got out here 730pm NJ time but Paducah is about 90 miles west of the central/eastern timezone line. Reminds me of the yer momma jokes from back in the day.

I’m so dumb, it took me 15.5 hours to go 14.5 hours. (.5-1 hour for:
NJ: fuel and food Wawa;
MD potty and food BK;
WV fuel, potty Pilot, walmart-had to replace my phone car mount;
KY fuel Velero, potty, and food Wendy’s) So subtracting the time for being a mere mortal and I figure that was pretty good time for a ~ 970 mile drive.
MD has real nice mountains to drive through east to west. WV isn’t bad either…it was just all down hill from there(altitude-wise anyway :blush:).


How large can the hole be as still be good for viewing? I thought it had to be a pin hole, these seem larger… I was thinking of burning the smallest point the GF can do on a piece of paper

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welcome to the bluegrass! if you like bourbon, check out the bourbon trail if you have time (and i’ll recommend my fav to snag, haha).


I like 2mm or so. There’s no right answer. A common colander make’s a great pinhole projector, btw.

Looks like clouds tomorrow here in Nebraska. Shucks!

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Yeah, we’re gonna have cloud cover too. (No great surprise there.) :neutral_face:


Always open to suggestions. Probably gonna make a nice evening after the Eclipse tomorrow.

Getting back just in time for the eclipse to find out that the weather man is calling for thunderstorms. :weary:


a friend visited from back home and brought me a bottle, which i only touch slowly since you can’t get it here. it’s pretty great.

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Time for a road trip! Thats what others are doing. Heck Colorado DOT shut down all oversize loads till tomorrow night.


Any hole will work, here are projections through the tree leaves on the asphalt.
New photo by David Andrews


Wyoming did also.

A little too late to warn you, but you don’t view the eclipse through the hole, you hold the hole in line with the sun and it projects an image on another surface.

Yup :japanese_ogre: