National Panda day!

So yesterday was national panda day and my wife is really into pandas and wanted me to take a picture of this stuffed animal panda and in grave it and if you don’t know by now, I’m kind of a prefectionist. So, my test subject this time was a panda.

For starters this is the photo I took:

Now, I am really good at photoshop so I tell myself, do you see his left eye is visible but the right, not so much, I popped this into photoshop thinking I might get away with lighting it on one side nope not good enough, I Duplicated the left eye flipped patched merged and cleaned up over right and looks awesome. Next grey scale bring the levels out, then to illustrator. Illustrator I learned 4 days ago lol, did the work with YouTube and other stuff. Then onto glow ui, and boom four test mini pandas, order: sd graphic, hd graphic, draft photo, hd photo.

Pulled masking off, took a lot of the detail with, don’t do photo engraves with masking on, just don’t do it, even though they still look good:

Then for the big guy:… doh left the masking on despite my warning lol

Luckily my wife just wanted to keep the masking on and loves it.

Then I tested metal business cards and test and test and tested and tested, EVERY SETTING Possible and shading. Some with pandas and with the poor ice cream cone that gets tested on all thing.

Then I choose an extremely hard to engrave space photo I knew wouldn’t turn out great but still not bad;

Spoils of the day;

Those 4 pandas now sit on my glowforge for reference to what each photo should come out like from now on.


Well that’s a much cuter way to run through an engraving reference card! :grinning::+1:


That is certainly one cute panda!


Your wife must love the total effort you put into making her happy.

She does.