Nativity Trees

I’ve made over 1300 of these this year! Close to 400 cutting hours. Cut from 5mm walnut, mahogany, maple or red oak. Keeping the slots tight have been a challenge since the boards vary as much as 0.2 mm. Kudos to Sue Scrollsaw Artist on Etsy for the design. Her work is awesome.


Very nice and WOW 1300!!


That’s a lot of work


I got one off Etsy as well…same design, but without the base. I figured I would give them as hanging art, or design my own base.


Those are great. Glad they were a success!


I designed my own base. Did you have troubles with the file double cutting? I had to delete all the double lines in inkscape.


I haven’t cut them yet, but I will check those before I do. Thanks for the heads up.

Very impressive production! They are beautiful.

I must have gotten a different file. I just took a quick glance at it in Illustrator and I didn’t see any double lines, so I cut it. Light walnut ply, 3 trees, 10 inches tall, 18 minutes. They are gorgeous.

Did you get the file from Sue scrollsaw artist? I cut a 4 - 10.5" trees in 45 mins using 5mm walnut

it would be torture to do that on a scroll saw. every open space is a blade disconnect/reconnect. and my Hawk scroll saw does that pretty quickly.

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I got mine from AnatolianDesignCraft. I haven’t figured out how to find out which artist is the actual creator, and I tend to despise people who steal files. But I really needed that file for my sister. I generally hate Etsy sellers in general. :wink:

So pretty