Natural wood

I was recently given some fresh cut live edge wood. does anyone know if it can be engraved or scored on the glowforge and if so what setting would i use?

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Experimentation is the way to go because every wood is different. The material will need to less than 2" tall without the crumb tray, less than 0.5" tall if laid on top of the crumb tray. The material size will need to fit inside the GF. Fresh cut live edge will have a high moisture content so you may not have much success on cutting the wood. Also woods, like pine, have a lot of volatile resins. Watch the engrave closely since flare-up is a possibility. The wood will need to be planed or sanded smooth so that any engrave is uniform. Use a small test piece that you don’t mind wasting. I would start with engrave settings for any GF hardwood and slow down or increase power as needed due to the increased moisture.


thank you! I will test first and see what hapens

Test all the things! :wink: