“Naughty Bus”


So, my daughter is into this Naughty Bus at her school and she keeps talking about it!

Today I’ve asked her to draw her own naughty bus so we could have a real one!

She looked at me and said: really dad?

I said:

Of course!

She run to get the pad to draw it very quickly!

Here is the result!

Ps.: she took it to her school for the “show and tell” lol!


That is awesome. :smiley:


Please tell me those are seats on the top deck… Not poles.


C’mon it’s a kid transport not a Vegas party bus :wink::yum:


:rofl::sweat_drops: yeah! They are seats! :seat:


Very nice! Start them Glowforging while they are young!


It’s a “naughty” bus.


Awwwww, this is just the cutest thing!


Kind of a rorschach test perhaps? Great use of the scan feature.


I love it!


To be honest, I’ve vectorised it in Illustrator instead of using the scan/tracing from GF! :roll_eyes:


Wow … You made it real to her … And her classmates!