Nautical theme humidor

as if I needed more projects to keep myself busy, I decided to combine some of my favorite things into one creation. this nautical themed cigar humidor in fact combines woodworking, sailing, laser blasting, my father (I am going to gift it to him!) and procrastinating…

it’s a pretty big box and does not in fact need to be used as a cigar humidor: the beautiful smell of the Spanish cedar lining makes this a special box for storing any kind of things (in fact somewhere along the way I probably told my wife it’s for her jewelry…).
the box is figured maple, continuous match on all 4 sides, satin polyethylene finish, top is burnished wenge.
built in honor of my father’s 70 years birthday, he doesn’t smoke often but from time to time, when we come visit, he pulls out a montecristo or one of his pipes. I know he will appreciate the effort and thought, and I can’t wait to see the joy and tears on his face when I’ll give it to him… or maybe I’ll sell it on Etsy, I don’t know :wink:


Great use of the grain for the water & sky.




That’s really spectacular. I like the compass rose hygrometer.

I have just received a shipment of hinges, magnets, hygrometer, humidifier and cigars to fill a brand new humidor I’m making for an anniversary gift for a friend. I have the cedar for a lining, but still am trying to come up with some design elements. This is a god inspiration.


not a typo, right? thanks!


He will be stunned by the love! Great work.

Well done.

Can I give this more than 1 like??? Awesome design.


Now that is quite lovely.

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Seconded on working the grain into the design


I just cut down about an acre of Texas cedar. Want to come get it? :wink:

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Wow! Love the we get and the ship.

This is a wonderful piece.

very cool!

Wow! Beautiful box and I love how you used the grain of the wenge to act like the waves of the ocean!

We need a wow button. Nicely done!

That box lid is simply amazing! Such a nice job on the whole thing–well done!

Loved the engrave of the “boat”!

Awesome use of the wood grain, thanks for sharing!

The lid left me speechless! You did a wonderful job incorporating the wood grain into the design.

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thank you all! every comment very much appreciated!