NBM show

OMG - just got back from the NBM show in Long Beach - now I am really getting anxious for the end of the year. Almost all the competition was there - Trotec, Universal lasers, epilog and several other companys (inc. larger units from China). Was very informative show ( although some still “bash” GF if I mentioned it - they keep implying vaporware). Some interesting price points - from a show unit 100 watt for 7999 ( great deal - saw it cut out a -I believe ½ inch - dinosaur 4 foot stand-up that they were giving away) to large $30K units. Laserbits, JDS, Johnson Plastics, Gemini and several other substrate manufacturers were there.
For those that do the sand blasting/etching , Ikonics has a new laser mask for glass that you place on the glass, laser the image(which removes the mask where lasered) and then you sand blast to get a much deeper image on glass. I am so looking forward to trying out some samples I picked up for that. The Friday evening “Bash/ Meet and Greet” at the Renaissance hotel was great - actually almost every vendor was very nice and informative. I did notice that all the vendors next to the laser vendors could still tell when they were cutting acrylic(even with all the “filters”). I went to the first two days (could have stayed a few more), got samples and took some seminars but decided I had to do Disneyland while there, so Saturday spend the day at the “Happiest place on earth” and I believe one of the most crowded ! Fun Weekend except for the end… Quick recap of trip back. Leave Disneyland at 1am to drive back to Tucson AZ. 30 minutes into trip the transmission goes out on car- stuck on I-10 for 3 hours at 1am until tow truck takes me to Redland , CA Toyota dealership. Dealership closed until Monday ( now 4 am on Sunday). Spend 14 hours in car( oh - I went on this trip solo) at dealership waiting for my neighbors to rent a dolly, drive from Tucson to LA - pick me and my car up and drive us home. How many Neighbors would (VOLUNTEER) to do that ??? drive non-stop for 14 hrs(round trip) w/o wanting any compensation. I had been planning to rent a car to drive home and have to leave mine in CA until fixed-then get back to it(about 450 miles away). So made it home 2am Monday (called out for work) with car and all my convention and Disneyland swag !! Longest 4 days of my life (think I slept maybe 4-6 hours during those 4 days).
Anyways - was nice to see the competition - still holding out for my GF as I play with my K40.
Sorry for the large rambling post - Just got a couple hours sleep before taking car to see what damages are and return the towing dolly .


Bummer about the truck but thanks for the info about the show. The closest NBM show to me is about 6 hours away. Haven’t been able to justify it but now you have me thinking again. I’m really interested in hearing how the Ikonics laser mask works out for you.


I went to one in Indianapolis earlier this year and it was great also. I am sure that the one in Long Beach was bigger. The guy at Epilog really seemed to like Glowforge and indicated that he had spoken to Dan at least in passing at a maker fair. He said something about Dan looking a lot older than he did 8 Months ago.


Thanks for the report! I wish I could have joined you (except for the car hell–what a tribulation). Glad you got back ok with those wonderful neighbors of yours.


Man, that is some neighbor you have there! I know you will remember him fondly when you get your laser!


I am super excited to get my 'forge and I like the interactivity of the online interface + Cameras. It is interesting how many people scoff because it is still not available and the production has been pushed back a bit. I live in Wyoming so we don’t get much for makerfairs out here I wish I could go see a gf at work. Sorry about the car.


Welcome @Drewperman! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Thanks Marmak. I have been skulking around for a while reading the forums but decided to finally dive in. :slight_smile:


Thanks for joining us!