Neat little video on improving engrave contrast


Just in case it’s useful to anyone :slight_smile:

Contrast enhancer for wood engraves

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Wow! Oh wow! LOVE it! Thanks for posting that…I’m going to shift it to the Tutorials area and add it to the Matrix so everyone can see it. (I’m always fighting the “you can’t really see the engrave on the cherry and walnut”. Awesome!) :grinning:

That’s just squeeeee! :+1:


Uh, yeah. I’d say it’s useful! Now I need to track down some of that colorant…


Such a great idea. I was surprised that the dye didn’t discolor the background. :smile:


I tried to use some stone color fill on a sandstone coaster and it just turned the whole thing blue. I guess you need the right non porous finish.


Thank you – bookmarked


Please contribute more of your wisdom. It is sincerely noticed and appreciated.


That is fantastic!


Great tip, thanks for sharing.


Thank you, nice job there!

After the engrave opens the end grain, I have had Krylon paint seep into the wood, so if your wood does that I have had success painting ‘Minwax Polycrylic’ in the engrave with a small artist brush to seal the grain and then paint.


Sounds like a great contribution to me! :sunglasses:


I should point out, in case there’s any confusion, that it’s not me in the video… it’s just something I found.


Doesn’t matter…still a great find! :grinning:


Ugh back to the store I guess, no one told me I would need to pick up 20 other hobby craft supplies for my laser cutter. :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks! A little pricy for me (wish they sold a smaller bottle). I might experiment with other things I have around the house first.


Currently on sale here for $16.75:


For those of you that want a bottle similar to what he used in the end, lots of wargaming paints use similar dropper style bottles


Almost any ink should work