Necessity is the mother of all invention: Card Jig

So recently I posted about the laser engraving of foil Magic the Gathering cards (Most commonly referred to as Alters). After posting on my TikTok showing what I could do I had a few people asking how many I can do at a time. So, sure I could have used the hold down pattern from the free section on here but I wanted something to suit my needs directly. Soooooo I grabbed my laptop and My kiddo decided to jump in and give me suggestions (he’s 4 but pretty smart with shapes and sizes so I figured why not).

So we designed this 2x4 “plate jig” that can keep the cards in place while the laser is going over them. We decided to make some small claps to hold the cards in place but unfortunately had to make several changes to make it work.

With the hight being changed from .001 to .125 I had to play around with the settings but ended up dialing in and very much enjoying the results

These are just a few I’ve done and I have a lot more that I haven’t shown but figured I’d share :slight_smile:
Happy forging!

Edit: I made this one and it’s too funny not to share!



Wow - that’s awesome! Love the little clasps holding the cards!


Excellent solution.


The best part? You son forever remembering, “Daddy and I made stuff with the laser.”

You two do good work.


These are awesome. Do you have a photo of what your engraved image looks like in your program before sending over to the gf? Or is it just a solid black image?


So I’ve been converting it to b&w lines, but I can take a photo nof what it looks like in color.

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Partially obscured due to being a copywritten photo, I hold a license for it so that’s why I can use and sell it.


Looks awesome

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Wow, that’s a jig on steroids! Very nice work.

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Thank you! I’m probably gonna redesign a few minor things with it, I want to adjust the placement of the clips, as I wasn’t happy with how that went down, the hole is just on the edge of where the cards are so it’s a tighter fit then I’d care for. I also want to re-adjust the placement of the clip wells so they have more room when side by side. That is of course if I want this to be something I give out to other people however haha.

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Awesome sauce!

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Do I remember correctly that you posted something on lasering with gold leaf? I can’t remember if that was you or someone else.

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That was someone else.

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