Necklace tree and jewelry box

I call it “The Family Tree”.

This is a necklace tree and jewelry box that I made. I used zebra-wood veneer’ed plywood for the box and boxes. I downloaded a high rez jpeg file and I used inkscapes convert to vector command to get the tree into the correct format.

I used an Epilog laser cutter at the techshop for this.

The boxes were designed using this tool - box design software - web based


Ohhhhh, my folks would love that! Great job!:slight_smile:

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Really pretty!:grin: Nice job

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At first, I thought those were monkeys. Maybe if this were my family tree, I suppose they might be! Or maybe I’ve just read Caps for Sale one too many times.


I think we reinacted that in first grade. Hat salesman loses his hats and yells at monkeys and they mimick him?


I love this

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There’s a lot more complexity and nuance to it than that, but that’s the one.

Don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone that hasn’t read it yet, but…

[spoiler]"…he took off his hat, threw it on the ground, and began to walk away. And then the monkeys took of their hats. And all the gray caps, and all the brown caps, and all the blue caps and all the red caps came falling down."



Memories of Captain Kangaroo reading this story. “Hats, hats for sale,” was a tag line we all said before going out in the winter when mom and dad reminded us five boys to put on our hats before we went out into the cold.


OH MY GAWD, THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Bravo, seriously!

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Oh man, I’d love a caps for sale file to lasercut. I just did some earring trees!


I agree. It’s a great story. At the time I think I cared more about making a monkey mask and throwing hats at people, but it’s a great memory. I plan on sharing it with my girls soon.

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I think that I should start including emoticons in my posts. While I really loved reading the book to kids, I didn’t really take it so seriously. Well, at least not in regards to it having nuance and such. I took reading it to them very seriously. “Caps for sale, fifty cents a cap!” had to be read like an old timey newspaper salesperson announcing headlines every single time. Also, I don’t think I payed this laser cut tree the compliment it so deserves other than hitting the “like” heart. It is quite lovely!

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Getting this train back on the track. I got sidelined by the monkeys and then went back to the original picture and zoomed in. Very clever design. And it’s people not monkeys!

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I have it as a vector drawing file if you are interested.

Thank you for the link. The site will be well used!