Need a big bandsaw? Sears has one on pretty good sale

I figure someone on here wants a 14" Rikon bandsaw. I mean I want one, but have no room for it.


Wow…that’s some serious markdown. :grin:

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Hmm… might have a spot on the roof for it.


Got an upright drill press in the corner I do not use much these days.
Tempting, since the base is just about the same.

Or get the 10" for less than $100

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See topic, re: big bandsaw. That 10” is pretty small.

And yet still a useful tool to have, regardless of size… And a helluva lot more affordable…


Gotta have more bandsaw!

How is this possible?

Jet saws are top of the line, this seems like it’s too good to be true.

I keep talking myself out of buying a bandsaw. Why did you have to post this? I’m now going to be resisting the urge all afternoon.


Wow. Can’t figure how they can even ship it for that.

Bought it though and we’ll see what shows up :blush:


Do let me know if you get screwed. (I need to get something for hubs for Christmas and the one kind of saw he doesn’t have is a band saw. I think.) :smile:

Probably be too late. Might be like whatever it was we all were looking at last year about this time & I ended up receiving a snorkel :blush:


Oh dear! Oh well, snorkeling can be fun. :rofl:

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I mean… it’s sketch as hell.

I just checked my credit card, and it’s listed as being purchased via Stripe with some London address.

We’ll see how this turns out, but it’s gotta be either a mistake or a scam. This is a $700 saw.

I used my Amex so I can sic the big boys on it if necessary :yum:

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Likewise! Amex high five!

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Grizzly all the way for me. Bit more expensive but it’s WAY worth it in the end.

Upgrading my Table Saw this year to the 10" cabinet. Anyone want to buy a used Rigid? It’s been a GREAT saw, but I want more power!

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