Need a big bandsaw? Sears has one on pretty good sale

It isn’t. That is a credit card harvesting scam site.

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Yeah that’s the concern. We’ll see.

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That is an epic level deal.

I am shocked that my Jet saw hasn’t shipped yet. Shocked, I tell you!


Now the flash sale page for that Jet saw is gone.

Checking my amex statement, it’s different now, no transation from Stripe anymore, but now one about a day later from “RUNNINGCLINIC”.

I wonder how long I should go before I talk to amex about it?

I think we have to wait 30 days as they are allowed that long before shipping unless they stated otherwise in the sales info.

I figure I’ll send a question response next week to my “order received” email and inquire.

Check your link on the confirmation email… does the “check my order” page still work? Mine’s gone.

Mines gone too. I’ll send them an email and when I don’t get a response I’ll fraud it on Amex and they’ll get a charge back.

Oh well, it was a nice thought :blush:

Yeah. my thoughts too

You’re going to need new cards as well.

The card details are batched up and sold, the scammers that put up the site are not the ones planning to use the info.

I was kind of thinking that. Irritating. Have to update various sites.

Haven’t seen any untoward activity since I ordered. I get an alert for every Amex transaction so if I don’t recognize it I can flag it right away.

It’s not guaranteed the people who purchase the info will ever use your card data, they are typically sold in large numbers, and if they do, it can be months down the road.

Last time it happened to me, it was at a very inconvenient time (and months after the data was stolen) - I was traveling, and all my car and hotel reservation info was tied to the card that had to be shut off. Fine, but getting to the exit of a car rental facility, for example, and being told you have to go back to the counter because your card is not valid and they can’t do anything at the exit booth is not a fun experience.

Amex gold is magic in those circumstances. Once you (or they) notice the fraudulent use they confirm what current stuff (hotel, flights, car, etc) are in progress and allow those to close out normally even though they’ve already changed your number with a new one.

Happened to me about 6 months ago while I was in a hotel in Nebraska someone used my # at a convenience store in New York. My old card was allowed for everything I had already set in place and they said I could continue to use it for restaurants in the city I was staying in for the rest of the week. My new card was waiting at home when I returned.


It took two week to ship to the local hometown store, but it is now assembled and ready to set up.


Nice. That’s the 14”?

Yes, it the 14”

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Shockingly (to no one) I haven’t received my Jet saw.

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I missed this thread the first time around.

The 10" saw is still available for $96.

… someone talk me out of this, pronto! I don’t even know what I would use it for but I sure love tools.

EDIT: Nevermind, this was not a Sears link, looks sketchy!

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