Need a drink? Mini saloon HO Scale

Thanks for sharing this. I think you need an out house next to a 24 hour beer joint.

You’re welcome.

LOL, I agree. Here ya go…



That’s so adorable!

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Whole set is unbelievable! Thanks for sharing the patterns! :grinning:

With those hours your saloon will prosper. Nice work.

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Ya, I tend to be that guy who does that anyway sooo… Not such a bad thing if ya own the saloon though. :smirk:

Plus there is a bottling co. right next door so there is always plenty!!!


Lovely golden hour pics with flare and flair…

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love this!

The pictures of your creations make me happy. I needed a bit of that this morning. :slight_smile: Fun models!!

very cool

Absolutely fantastic!!! Well done.

Can you help me find the best place to order the .06” Basswood and .125" Basswood Strips? I was wondering if there was an amazon link or if it was best to go to hobby stores. Thanks! Can’t wait to try this!

If you just want a few, most Hobby Lobby locations sell .06"x.06" and .125"x.125" Basswood strips for about $4 (bag of five). It’s by the plastic models - not the wood crafts. For larger quantities I like Oak Ridge Hobbies in IL. You can get sixty .06"x.06" for about $13 and forty eight .125"x.125" for about $10.50. Oak Ridge is a little slow with shipping but the price is right. The .125" birch sheets I get from Woodcraft and cut it down to fit in the laser. The .06" Basswood I get from National Balsa. Again, you have to cut it down. but it’s worth the effort. Have fun and share pics of your creation!!!

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Excellent! :sunglasses: