Need a material

My source of Price/Stock tags has long gone and I have a GF and a newly made downdraft table so why not make them myself.

This is what I have been using :


The material is about .011" thick and a Sharpie pen works real well for prices and stock numbers.

Anyone know what this material might be and a possible source?

I searched “tag board” on Amazon and got lots of options - from pre made tags to sheets of the material. Something there would certainly be a good substitute for your tags.

I hope you are back online and in business with your Glowforge.

I think I know what you’re tagging so it may not be suitable, but what about cardstock - even cheap file folders?

Just a tag, with a strap to loop around and and a slot for a small “hook”?

Ha! In the 2 minutes it took me to throw together that design, I was beaten to the punch…

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I had never heard of tag board. Checked it out and it seems to be a paper product whereas the tags I have been using have a slick surface and seem to be some kind of plastic. I tried the cardstock (have lots of it available) but the marking with a Sharpie is not clean and crisp. Same with file folders.

Yes I am back on line thanks to a very generous and gracious member of this forum. He didn’t even mention, well not in my hearing, anything about “Fat Fingers” or “Trouble between chair and keyboard.”

And eflyguy you came up with that design in about 1/100th the time it took me.

Perhaps switch to a ball-point?

Just thinking outside the box, as finding laser-safe plastic does not seem to be simple.

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I think Bristol board is used for tags a lot. It’s a thin cardboard about the weight of a cereal box or lighter. You can get it in tablets at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

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Hmmm. Now where would I find a ballpoint pen? Or better yet a rollerball pen?

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Perhaps the answer was staring you in the face all along?

White mylar (polyester) ?

Bought Craft Plastic Opaque White
Called the company at the number listed on the package and in answer to my question I was told that this product is polypropelene and laser safe.
And it is and the result from GF seems identical to the previously purchased tags.


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