Need a new belt

I had a fire and didn’t get to it in time to save the black belt that moves the printer head. I need another one sent to me one day UPS if at all possible. I left a message on the website, but I am afraid that they won’t get it until late int the day or even 3 days from now. And I am getting ready for a craft fair. I know that is not their issue, but I am panicking


IF you are really in a hurry, similar belts are available on amazon. i am 99% sure it is a GT2 6 mm belt.

thank you…I will look at that. I am just mortified this happened!

does this look right?

No, you’ll need to measure that belt…it is in no way a 200mm belt.
(I don’t recommend buying your own by the way, but if you must, make sure you get the right size.)

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I’m not even sure how to get the remaining bit off

There are instructions here: Removing the Belt/Cleaning the Air Assist Fan


I think you are being badly advised here. The links you’ve been giving will not help you with your problem. I haven’t got anything else to add other than use the GF chat.

I looked and it appears closer to 48" though I cannot get a precise measure, but it is 6 mm

looks like

but getting the length correct could be a problem.

It is also an open strip, not a loop belt. The ends are secured in a two piece aluminum block on the carriage with one piece screwed to the other, and cogs on the belt match the block.
Perhaps Scott over @ Open glow could identify it for you. I’m betting Amazon Prime shipping time would be the fastest.

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Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your Glowforge.

I’ll follow up in email shortly to arrange a replacement belt.