Need a response from Support!

I requested a refund on Wednesday but it still shows in my account that the warranty replacement is still possibly shipping. I have already ordered a new laser from a different company and will have it Tues. According to terms and conditions, they have 10 days to process a refund, however they haven’t even acknowledged that I have requested one. Is this a stall tactic as tomorrow is past 30 days since I placed my order? Any delay is on the part of Glowforge I sent my unit back on the 3rd, and have not ever had a properly working machine. Straight out of the box it wouldn’t cut, and I told support immediately. I understand it could take 10 days to process, but you need to at least acknowledged that the warranty replacement is canceled and that you will be issuing a refund, please.

No, you have your email in so I am pretty certain they will honor that date. I only say it that way as I’m not GF so can’t “know” but I have been around and they really are good people…if not have a policy or two that many find lacking in information. There’s a basic policy that if they have nothing new, they don’t say anything. This is also the holiday season so they have been inundated with this seasons rush.

It seems to be somewhere around 2-4 days to get the response right now. While it doesn’t help you much, it’s much better than last years week+. And they very frequently respond on weekends despite officially being closed.

Like I said IMO, these people are good people. They’ll get it settled.

I’m so sorry for the wait. I’ve just followed up to your email with us with next steps. Since we are working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.

My apologies again for the delay in getting back to you.