Need a response

Hi gents,

Still waiting for a reply regarding my issue. Seems like I don’t get a reply unless I post here as well.

Actually, the more tickets you open the slower it is for everyone waiting. :wink: It probably feels faster here because we users chime in too.


What is your problem? Is there something we can try to help with?

Agreed, but I’ve gotten zero response from company since yesterday when they determined my machine wasn’t fixable. When I had a software problem a few weeks ago (which never really got resolved, I just use a workaround) they emailed me quite a few times, even unsolicited. So not sure what to do.

Thank you, Bill. I wish you could and appreciate all the help everyone has tried to give. My machine stopped cutting on Saturday, then engrave got wonky. After sending pictures, they determined my 4 month old machine is not fixable. However, I don’t know what they think is wrong. But I do know quite a few others have posted on FB that they are experiencing the same problem. So :woman_shrugging:t3:, I’m not sure what is going on​:frowning:

I had mine less time than that, and I sent it back for repairs and got the replacement and haven’t had any issues. They must be having issues with new ones from the factory lately.

I had mine just long enough to get addicted to it. So, it was hard to send it back for repairs… but I am much better now :slight_smile:

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Did you get a new one or a refurbished one?

I don’t know if it was new or refurbished… how do you tell? It looked the same as the other one, except this one worked.

Well working is a good thing! They would tell you if it was refurbished, I think.

Standard response to technical questions is 24hrs, but as support does not directly arrange replacement machines or shipping, it will likely take a while longer. Most companies are not running at full speed these days.

Unfortunately they didn’t even tell me what they think is wrong with it. They made an offer that wasn’t acceptable to me and I proposed other options yesterday at 1:00 pm and haven’t heard from them since.

It’s not really a barter system…

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I’m sorry for the wait – since we’ve exchanged emails since this post, I’m closing this thread.