Need A Suggestion For a Gift!

Ok, so I am going to my grandfathers house for a big annual family cookout tonight, I am looking to make something for my grandfather out of some scrap material that I have (thick cherry ply proofgrade) I know he wont appreciate a medallion or something like that as much as something he could use on a daily basis or even just often, I was thinking something like a keychain knick knack or something along those lines. he goes fishing very often, a packers fan, and is the kind of guy when you ask “what kind of fish is that?” he replies “a tasty one :)”, also he drives the biggest black SUV they had on the lot, (Ford Expedition) any suggestions would be great. we plan to do something cool for him and my grandmother on a panel from a log or something like that for their wall but I want to try do something for him that he can make use of or something that he will look at every day.


IMHO, forget the scrap :proofgrade: for this… Run to Walmart. For <$10 you can grab a 3-set of bamboo cutting boards. Make them HIS. Fishing, Packers, “$name is the World’s Best Grandpa”, whatever. It’s a cookout, right? Not only can the boards get daily use… they can get immediate use.


I like this idea! One could be a “fish identification chart” with a bunch of fish pictures on it. Under each one could be “Tasty one”


i’m thinking of doing a detailed fish on the big one with a ruler at the bottom edge with the largest size labeled “the one that got away”, still thinking of others.


On the same theme, get a package of cedar grilling planks (big box or hardware store or maybe Walmart should have them). Different fish engravings, fishermen cartoons, recipes, etc.


Maybe a keychain fob in the shape of his favorite fish with a personalized quote on the back?


So I was unable to get to Walmart before hand (will go in near future tho) so I ended up making a piece for his keychain that said built Ford tough with hexagons surrounding the piece cut out of medium maple hardwood. When I got there he gave me two cedar plaques to engrave him and his wife pic on.