Need a way to save in app

You need away to save and version in the app. It just crashed importing an SVG and just lost 3 hours of work and need to start from scratch again. Extremely frustrating …

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BTW here is the SVG it has now crashed twice in row while trying to upload it to the app space.


That particular file still has text, which the GFUI can’t handle directly. You must convert any and all text to curves when exporting for use…


More info, repro steps from scratch

Create some text in Inkscape
Rotate it 90 degree
Save to SVG
Create a new space in GF App
Add Artwork/Upload the SVG


BTW what the official way to report crashes/bugs

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Yes I just found that out but it should not crash. If you don’t rotate it does not crash but gives you warning.

You just did. :wink: However, this doesn’t appear to be a bug, per se.

A Crash To Desktop is definitely a bug.

Sorry – yes, rotation of a non-allowed object will cause problems. Agreed that it should error instead of crash.

BTW, if you convert the rotated text to path/curves, it loads just fine.


Hadn’t heard of CTD as ‘Crash To Desktop’. I’ll remember that.

CTD is older doctor talk for ‘Close To Death’, AKA ‘Circling The Drain’. I learned that on this forum.


Just posted a few min ago. So yes you can now start saving aspects of your work in the GFUI

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Thanks look forward to testing it out.

Thanks @dwardio and @jordanloshinsky.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue with the rotated text. Your bug report was great! I’ll look into what’s happening there.

Would you try converting the text to paths and let me know if that fixes it for you?

Yes converting it fixes the crash.


Splendid. Thanks for the report. I’ll make sure the team hears about it.